Cut Out My Eyes


You can choose to look the other way but you can never again say I did not know.

William Wilberforce said this over two centuries ago and it is still relevant today. With the release of four videos showing the horrors of abortion, all of us people have to decide where we stand. As I wrote in my previous blog, there is no “fence” to sit on for those of us that “aren’t sure what to think.” The proverbial fence has been removed by the release of these videos, leaving us to decide whether we will stand against mass murder or decide to cut out our eyes (and ears, and tongues) and pretend like we have no idea what is happening to our children.

Over the summer I sat in on a lecture taught by Clay Jones, a professor at Biola University, who specializes in studying the concept of evil. For part of this lecture, he talked about the many genocides of human history and after each description of how many people were killed and in what ways, he would end with:

Is this inhuman? No, it’s what humans do.

Throughout the history of the world, humans have found new ways to kill each other in the most efficient ways. Abortion is seemingly the best way humans have found to kill each other. Just in the past four decades, the United States has killed over 55 million babies. Instead of facing the problem head on, it has become entirely political so that if anyone stands on a particular side, they are labeled a “republican,” or a “democrat” thereby nullifying any stance that person may have. Doesn’t this issue rise above politics though?
Of course it does! We don’t boil the holocaust down to a difference of politics, no, we call it what it is…evil. What we have done with our current genocide is allowed ourselves to reduce it to politics, thereby squelching the chance of us stopping the evil happening in our country.

Perhaps God is giving us another chance. Maybe the reason why these videos are surfacing is because we are being given a chance as a nation to realize that this is not about politics. Maybe the reason why we have to witness the horror contained in the most recent undercover videos is because God wants us to see what exactly we are capable of. 

Maybe you’re still not sure of what we are capable of…maybe you think that humans are all pretty much good. The problem is that we are capable of killing our children, and not only killing them, but chopping up their bodies to sell the parts. 

But we are also capable of knowing the difference between right and absolutely wrong. That’s where we are. We are also capable of speaking. We can continue to speak out against this horror. Given our capabilities, we can only choose to stay silent by cutting out our eyes, our ears, and our tongues. Our future children still have a chance. Continue the conversation. Remember,

You can choose to look the other way but you can never again say I did not know.


3 thoughts on “Cut Out My Eyes

  1. I understand completely the ways in which this touches a part of us that is deeply troubled by such inhumane hoisting and casual disregard for lives that god has created. Yet, the reality is this is nothing new as far as the industrialization of abortion is concerned in America. I find that rather than seeing this as a call from god to wake up to the horrors of our culture, this is a clarion call from god letting us know that we have now crossed the divide and he has stepped back and is letting us go the way we have been bursting at the seems to proceed without him to interrupt us. We are now a culture parallel to that at the end of judges when each man did that which was right in his own eyes. Sure, there will be many who are horrified by these videos, but I’m certain that the vast majority are those already sympathetic to a judeo/christian framework from which they understand good and evil. Jack kevorkian served prison time for his murders, yet now the assisted suicides he so blatantly pushed are not even an afterthought within mainstream culture. And he became a free man who was a celebrity. Rod Dreher has been advocating for what he has termed the Benedict Option. Basically a way of preparing ourselves as Christians for the coming marginalization and persecution that is very near. He says that if we don’t begin establishing very serious ways to strengthen our faith many will be left by the wayside. We. Are about to see the wheat separated from the chaff. Following Christ will soon have a real cost and a lot of middle class comfortable Christians may find that the decisions they have to make in the future will cost them much of their “American Dream” comfortable Laizze fair lifestyle. The dream run of living in a country which reaped all the benefits both economically and culturally from being founded on a christian worldview are over. Being a christian in the coming age will require a serious commitment and focus that we as american Christians have been able to pretty much take for granted. I see this planned parenthood video as the wake up call that we had better get serious about being committed to Christ at all cost because this is just showing us were we already are and the slope downhill is obviously pretty steep at this point. Do I believe in the possibility of revival? Certainly. God is free to do as he so chooses. But the history of this type of moral rot and decline does not usually bode well for those seeking such a saving grace. If one asks god often enough to be set free from his perceived tyrannical presence he has shown time and again that he will indeed indulge that request. We may just be living in a time when the people have asked enough to be given what they only think they want.


    1. Thanks for the comment! I
      think we are on the same page. Our society, as you pointed out, loves to talk about something this tragic for a few days and then move on. My hope is that this conversation continues, and that it doesn’t go away. Maybe it is my naïveté, but that’s what I’m hoping for. As you pointed out, however, this industry has been around for a long time and has probably been doing what we see in the videos for a long time as well. It is a sad state to think that God may have released us to do “what is right in our own eyes.” All we can do now, as Christians, is to keep pursuing Jesus…keep the faith.


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